Communication & Expression Coach

Naya is passionate about helping people transform their lives through the power of self-expression.  She engages her clients with her uniquely relevant expertise in multidisciplinary arts.

She brings over 20 years of Eastern and Western experience as theatre director, performer, musician and visual artist to help those she works with achieve authentic and effective communication in personal and professional relationships.

As an Effective Expressive Communication coach, Naya offers:

  • Effective self-expression workshops and 1:1 sessions
  • Communication skills for creating a successful career and a fulfilling family life
  • Personal healing through interdisciplinary arts
  • A personalized and safe environment for clients to practice self-expression and learn effective communication skills

Importance of Effective & Confident Communication Skills

Whatever role you have in your business or personal life, a key for success hinges on your ability to connect, communicate and present yourself with people around you effectively.

Even if you don’t normally give presentations, the ability to be an effective communicator is a useful life skill to have whether you’re speaking in front of an audience, a team meeting, your boss or your loved ones.

Effective communication is a trait of good leadership and a key point for developing fulfilling and happy relationships in life.  It is a skill that can be developed!  Concise and effective communication translates to a stronger connection with your audience, peers and family.  

In the workplace, being able to effectively express your ideas increases your performance effectiveness by minimizing churn due to miscommunication, resulting in better time management and reduced stress.  In your personal life, being able to express and receive love with loved ones increases joy and fulfillment.

Naya’s Philosophy

Naya is a coach, theater director and actress.  She uses methods from her acting and directing experience to help her clients connect with their bodies and become comfortable with expressing themselves.  The techniques that Naya uses ranges from oration skills to stage presence.

Naya also integrates Marshall B. Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication in working with clients about communication.  She may also incorporate aspects of various artistic expressions to inspire creativity, fun and reflection.

Areas of Focus

  • Breathing: Grounding to your core and your feet, strengthen the voice and calm the nervous energy
  • Core Strength: The foundation for breathing technique, projection, good posture and charisma
  • Voice Work: Projection, tone, enunciation, articulation to help speakers of all backgrounds
  • Body Work: Grounded footwork, good posture and body language
  • Audience Engagement: Stage presence, eye contact, connectedness, resonance
  • Inner Connection: Identify one’s own feelings and needs and being comfortable with the self
  • Listening: Listening for other’s inner feelings and needs with compassion and share that understanding with the person
  • Practice: Safe and fun environment to practice the actual conversations
  • Expression: Expressing you through voice, movement, writing, dancing, singing, art making, theater making & creativity.

Effective-PresentationNaya would love to learn more about the needs of you or your organization.

Individual coaching is tailored to the needs of each client.  

For more information, please email naya(at)nayachang(dot)com.