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The Shifting

During my Dresher Ensemble Artist Residency Program 2013-2014, I dived into experimenting with projection, lighting and audio in relation to a solo theatrical piece I was working on at the time called “Moving Space”. I was happy to have Francis Phan join and assist me with technical and video support. We shot the footage in a couple days with our Sony Nex7 and had access to multiple projectors and lighting at the studio.

Two years later, we produced the music and the video together. Special thanks to ClimbingPoeTree‬, for their inspirational words!  We are grateful for the support from Paul Dresher and the Dresher Ensemble Artist Residency Program. We created this with zero budget. This is a first step to many other projects – particularly, we are looking forward to working with our dear friend Juliette Deschamps Makeïeff for a performance piece. 

We encourage you to observe the light and as well as the shadow as you step into this “moving space” through “The Shifting”.