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Harmony of Nature – Legend of Bunun and Cello

Here are photos captured in mountains of Taiwan – with Bunun Tribe in Wulu Village:


























Alice Chang, founder of Main Art, produced this amazing concert “Harmony of Nature”.

We were invited to perform in Voices – A Festival of Song in Esplanade Singapore in December 6-7, 2014.

The concert featured Bunun Mountain Traditional Music Chorus and Cellist Annie Chang

We went onto the mountains in Wulu Village to work with the Bunun Tribe in Taiwan – we learned about Bunun in Wulu’s history,  traditional, culture and their lifestyle.  I am  honor to get to know them and spoke of their stories and tradition not only as a director but also as a narrator for the concert.  Song background/lyrics with beautiful photos were projected throughout the concert.  I also included extensive program notes both in English and Chinese for the audience to bring home.

The audience in Singapore loves it!  We had 3 successful concerts.  I also conducted a workshop introducing the history and culture of Bunun in relation to music.  A great number of male audiences experienced singing UNESCO recognized Pasibutbut with our Bunun Mountain Traditional Music Chorus.

Our beautiful Cellist (famous for cross-genres cello performance in Taiwan) learned  the Bunun traditional folk songs by heart, wrote them down on music sheet and arranged cello music blending them seamlessly.  Annie also composed a few solo pieces honoring Bunun in Wulu village.  They are The Journey- Wulu, Miscanthis in the Wind and The Wulu Legend.  Cellist Annie Chang even joined Bunun in singing!

Special thanks for all those who helped making this concert, especially to my amazing Mother – Alice Chang – who made this whole project possible.

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Here are some photos captured in Esplanade Singapore during rehearsals:























Please note the last image is the cover of a cake box. Given to us from an audience member.  She came to see the concert and loved it so, brought her whole family back to see it the next day along with a cake she made, with this note on top for us.  She wrote

“Thank you for the performance.  I have not experienced a concert that has moved me so.  From the first sound to the last second of the concert, my tears couldn’t stop running down.  Thank you, this is not a performance, this is calling from the heart –

Someone who Loves Taiwan …”