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2014 Drama Therapy Conference









I am so excited about the upcoming 2014 Drama Therapy Conference.  The topic is – In Harmony with the Elements: Drama Therapy and Wellness – I am honor to work with Armand Volkas and Roni Alperin on Waking Dream Theatre full day workshop. Please come and join us!  2014 Drama Therapy Conference

Waking Dream Theatre: Exploring a Collective Dream World Through Drama
Armand Volkas, MFA, RDT/BCT, MFT
Naya Chang, MFA
Roni Alperin, MA

In Waking Dream Theatre, you will refine improvisational forms and co-create collective dream worlds where personal story, current life challenges, music and creative expression intermingle. At once, meaningful practice and performance art, waking dreams spark deep insight while remaining poetic and playful. Balance, generosity, mindfulness and collaboration are its values.