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Waking Dream Theatre – Exploring a Collective Dream World Through Drama

I will be collaborating with Armand Volkas on a summer workshop exploring collective dream world again!  This time, we have Roni Alperin joining our team!  Together, we will be co-presenting at the pre-conference full day workshop at the 2014 Drama Therapy Conference at Yosemite. Please come and join us at our exploration at the Living Arts Center this summer or at Yosemite this fall!

Star_woman-waking-dream-theatre-202x300A 7-Week Workshop on Tuesdays 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. from July 8 to August 19, 2014. Including a Sunday Intensive on August 17, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Culminating in a Performance on Tuesday August 19 at 7:30 p.m.

Conducted by Armand Volkas, MFT, RDT/BCT In Collaboration With Naya Chang, MFA & Roni Alperin, MA, MFT Intern 


In Waking Dream Theatre, you will learn and refine a series of acting forms. These techniques will allow you to interact with dream images that emerge from your unconscious through theatre improvisation. You will be invited to take creative risks with the encouragement of a supportive group and facilitators.

During the weekly sessions and all-day workshop, the group will co-create a collective dream world where personal story, current life challenges and creative expression intermingle. Waking Dream Theatre is at once a meaningful practice and a performance art. This workshop will allow you to discover, reveal yourself and be witnessed. Waking Dream Theatre can spark deep insight while remaining poetic and playful. The series will culminate in a performance in front of an invited audience integrating the forms that have been taught with music, movement and creative ritual. No previous theatre or improvisation experience necessary. Shy people are welcome!

Techniques to be Explored and Refined:

  • Dramatic Resonances: an advanced Drama Therapy form based on the creative responses of participants, who collaborate to deconstruct an original narrative by creating a series of aesthetic pulses that generate multiple interpretations of it. (Susana Pendzik)
  • Creative Ritual: an approach that incorporates the universal wisdom of ancient & modern cultures for patterning psychic processes using ritual forms, in a way that helps to structure and integrate difficult & complex aspects of life.
  • Sound and Movement Transformations: in the tradition of Joseph Chaikin’s Open Theatre, archetypal images are revealed in rhythmic trance-like states.
  • Scene/Transformation/Scene: Images and relationships are explored collaboratively through sound and movement that dissolve into scenes and then back into sound and movement.
  • Personal Story Narration: Using the story theatre form, individuals embody and narrate stories from their lives.
  • Spontaneous Self-Revelatory Performance: Individuals improvise personal stories and experiences while the group/ensemble supports the story through embodied empathy, accepting offers and creating mood and environment.
  • Improvised Waking Dream Narration: A participant improvises a dream narrative. The narration and images reveal themselves to her/him and their meaning is explored in a group context.
  • Sociodramatic Transformations: The group explores a common issue or social role while free-associating on a theme.
  • Image Theatre and Forum Theatre: Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed techniques are used to explore such themes as power, oppression and liberation.
  • Psychodramatic Transformations: Psychodramatic structures are interwoven with the transformations technique.
  • Affective Memory, Sense Memory and Authenticity: Stanislavski’s Method is adapted and used to help participants identify and express their authentic selves.
  • Viewpoints: Viewpoints is a technique of composition that provides a vocabulary for thinking about and acting upon movement and gesture.
  • Suzuki Theatre Method: A non-naturalistic approach to acting which uses traditional Japanese and Western avant-garde theatrical styles and techniques in training and performances.
  • Linkletter Voice Method: Freeing the natural voice

For more information and registration:
 The Living Arts Counseling Center 
1265 65th Street, Emeryville, CA
(510) 595-5500, Ext 11