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NSO Opera La Peintre, Yu-Lin



I was the Assistant Director for the newly developed opera produced by the National Symphony Orchestra, called “La Peintre, Yu-Lin”.

“Pan Yu-Liang (1985-1977) was a legendary Chinese painter. At a young age, she was sold to a brothel and then became a wealthy official’s concubine. Her paintings of nude models violated cultural norms in the feudal society and generated much controversy in Shanghai in the early Republic years. She was forced to move to Paris to pursue her passion and successfully established herself as a “warrior of beauty.” – taken from the NSO website

Conductor: Yip Wing-Sie
Stage director:
Juliette Deschamps
Nan-Chang Chien
An-Chi Wang
Shin Nan

July 08, 2010 – 19:30 National Theater, Taipei (World Premier)
July 09, 2010 – 19:30 National Theater, Taipei
July 10, 2010 – 19:30 National Theater, Taipei
July 11, 2010 –  14:30 National Theater, Taipei

Please visit the website of our amazing costume designer Sophia Hong and set designer Nelson Wilmotte.