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National Symphony Orchestra

NSO 1I worked as a research project manager for the National Symphony Orchestra (NSO) in Taipei, Taiwan.  I am focusing on my research on 6 successful music festivals and educational programs that are produced and/or associated with symphony orchestras around the globe.  The first 3 chapters are in-depth research on the Boston Symphony Orchestra and its Tanglewood, the Saito Kinen Orchestra and its Saito Kinen Festival and the John F. Kennedy Center and its National Symphony Orchestra. The last chapter includes 3 other types of classical music festivals / music academy which are Salzburg Easter Festival, Berlin Philharmonic’s Orchestra Academy and BBC Proms.  While the completely report will be kept internally as some of the organizations have requested the information to be kept private, I will make a summary of the report with the consent of each organization, which will be available on the NSO website.  (May- December 2009)